Meet Peter

Peter in three poses, fun series and working

“Over the coming months, I hope to meet you personally to listen to your perspective and to ask for your support. I truly believe that this is our city, and our future.”

Peter Donovan is currently working in the Mayor’s Office, and already providing Mount Vernon residents with strong, thoughtful leadership. Mount Vernon has achieved momentum in areas such as fiber optic infrastructure, flood protection for downtown, and the development of a vibrant arts and culture community. Maintaining that momentum as we address other issues is the key to our success. 

The position of Mayor of Mount Vernon is non-partisan. This fact perfectly matches Peter’s character and leadership style. His focus will be on housing, downtown investment, public safety, and sustainable practices. If we can approach these challenges with mutual respect and cooperation, we can make progress. Peter knows many of the issues that face the city and knows how to break down barriers and arrive at equitable solutions. 

“I want this city to be a place where my children can return to find an affordable home, safely raise their families, and confidently open a business. These values are best realized when the entire community is working together.”

A Little Bit More

Peter and Janna have been married for 26 years and have three biological children; Ben (23), Isaac (20), and Ava (10). Their foster son Ethan is 23.

Peter and Janna are lifelong Skagit County residents. Peter’s family moved here in 1978. Peter and Janna began dating in high school, and bought a home in Mount Vernon in 2001 after returning to the Valley to raise their children.

Peter holds a Master of Business Administration degree; and he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations from Washington State University. He has extensive experience in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors functioning in various capacities as a director, manager, and executive board member. 

Peter and Janna own and manage their own rental properties and have fought hard to maintain a level of housing affordability for their tenants, even in the midst of a drastic shortage of available units in the area, a steep rise in market rates, and the significant impacts of property tax assessments on overhead expenses.

For the past 25 years, Peter has dedicated himself to volunteerism, serving in a variety of capacities to enhance the lives of families in his Mount Vernon community. A Leadership Skagit Class of 2018 graduate, and MVPD Citizens Academy grad in 2017, Peter currently volunteers on a curriculum committee with Leadership Skagit, a board committee with Skagit Preschool & Resource Center; and serves on the Mount Vernon Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.

When he’s not working hard to improve our city, Peter enjoys playing and coaching basketball, running, cycling, swimming, and rowing. His 12-year career in endurance sports included competing in Ironman Canada, the Boston Marathon, and the World Weight Class Triathlon Championship.